Snack Sacks are perfect for a healthier option on the go!

What's inside:

• Water or Charlie's juice
• Lite chips or Popcorn,
• Dried fruit
• Fruit Twist / Cereal Bar
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What's inside:

• Water or juice
• Cereal box
• Muesli bar
• Dried fruit
• Milk and Spoon
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Snack Sacks

Snack Sacks are a healthy, convenient and alternative snack option in a handy pack for when you’re on the go.

Convenipacks Ltd offers the Brekkie Snack Sack as a perfect way to start the day whether on holiday, travelling or for a quick start at home. We also have the popular

Healthy Option Snack Sack for a snack any time of the day.

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If you would like to order some of our snack sacks for your school, dairy, service station, motel / backpackers / B&B or business, you can order right here through our website.

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